S.A.R.A.H.’S Foundation Inc.


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S.A.R.A.H.’S serves to assist people in the exploration of their mental, physical, and spiritual selves through mindfulness movement, art, tutoring, and mentoring.

Brief Description of the Program:

Through workshops, classes, and events we use movement, meditation, conversation, and art as a tool for self exploration. Our target population is underserved communities and individuals who have experienced trauma.  We believe that movement is a great tool to help acknowledge the roots of our problems because it allows us to tap into the disassociated memories that we hold in our brain stem. The discussion aspect of our classes are just as important as the movement. We believe that the commitment to the process of understanding ourselves is the catalyst to authentic power and our healing process.

Goals of the Program:

The goal of this program is personal development; we want  people to explore their internal process and how it manifests into their physical  actions and relationship to oneself and others.



Present–  The Salvation Army ( Jacksonville, FL), Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles, California), Malabar Elementary (Los Angeles, CA)

Past – Stepping Stones Children Partial Program (Philadelphia, PA)

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Contact Information:


(904) 400-0948





Social Media:

Instagram: @sarahsincorporated

Facebook: Sarah’s Foundation Inc